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Embrace the journey of building your own home with Homebuilding App (HBA). We understand the unique challenges you face as an owner-builder. HBA simplifies complex project management tasks, enabling you to oversee every facet with confidence and precision. From accurate budget forecasting to on-the-spot quality checks, our platform is engineered to enhance your experience, making sure every decision is informed, every risk is managed, and every achievement is within your schedule and specifications.

Master Your Build with Key Features
Tailored Solutions for Every Stage of Your
Home Building Journey

Idea and Planning Stage

Kickstart your homebuilding journey with confidence. Establish a clear vision, outline your budget, and document the evolution of your dream home right from the start with HBA's integrated planning tools.

Task Management

Effortlessly organize your initial tasks and set the stage for success.

Budget Management

Gain foresight with real-time budget tracking and forecasting capabilities.

Progress Photos Manager

Visually document and compare the evolution of your project from day one.

Design and Budget Planning

Shape your vision into a tangible plan. With HBA, navigate the complexities of financial planning and design with tools crafted for owner-builders.

Provisional Sum Tracker

Manage and allocate funds for preliminary and undefined aspects of your project.


Draft and manage all your project agreements with ease, keeping every party aligned.

Building Permits Tracker

Simplify the permit process with a guided, step-by-step support system.

Compliance and Certification

Navigate the critical phase of compliance with a toolkit designed to ease the permit acquisition and insurance setup, ensuring your project meets all regulations.

Building Permits Tracker

Keep track of permit statuses and requirements in one convenient place.


Simplify setting up the right insurance coverage with comprehensive support.

Project and Construction Management

Oversee the heart of your project’s execution with HBA's robust management features. From day-to-day task tracking to comprehensive quality control, maintain oversight at every turn.

Site Logbook

Maintain a meticulous record of daily progress and key developments.

Subcontractor Management

Coordinate with subcontractors effectively and ensure every job is done right.

Quality Control

Ensure every detail meets your standards with our systematic quality checks.


Handle project scope changes smoothly with detailed documentation.


Keep your finances in check with organized invoicing and payment tracking.

Quality Control and Supervision

Safeguard the integrity of your build. HBA's quality control tools enable you to uphold the excellence of your home at every stage.

Quality Control

Consistent oversight ensures the workmanship reflects your high standards.

Progress Photo Manager

Track your project's quality through a visual timeline.

Building Defects List

Identify and resolve any issues promptly, keeping your project flawless.

Monitoring and Adjustments

Adapt proactively with HBA’s monitoring tools. Anticipate challenges and pivot with precision, keeping your project on target.

Risk Management

Identify potential risks early and strategize to mitigate them effectively.

Resource Allocation

Ensure optimal utilization of materials and labor, avoiding waste and delays.

Completion and Review

Bring your project to a triumphant close. With HBA, final inspections, documentation, and contractual wrap-ups are managed with the same attention to detail that started your journey.

Final Inspections

Organize and manage final inspections to ensure everything is up to code.

Documentation and Reporting

Compile a comprehensive project report, leaving no stone unturned.


Ensure all agreements have been met and documented for a smooth project handover.


Confirm all project changes are accounted for in the final overview.


Conclude your building project with the assurance that every detail is perfected and preserved. HBA’s post-completion tools offer the final touches for lasting satisfaction.

Warranties and Certifications

Manage and document all warranties and certifications, securing your project’s future.

Project Completion

Mark the completion of your project, celebrating the realization of your dream home.

Why Choose HBA for Your Home Building Project
At HBA, we’ve tailored our software to give you control over every phase of your project. With HBA, you gain the ability to manage costs meticulously, ensure schedules are adhered to, and maintain the highest standards of quality. From the initial budgeting and design through to the final touches, HBA puts comprehensive project oversight right at your fingertips, ensuring that your home not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Enhanced Control

Direct every detail with our comprehensive project management tools.

Quality Assurance

Achieve superior quality with systematic checks and balances throughout the construction process.

Cost Efficiency

Keep your project within budget with real-time cost tracking and forecasting.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy a stress-free building experience knowing that all elements of your project are well-managed and integrated.

Time Management

Stay on schedule with tools that help you manage timelines and preempt delays.

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