Streamline Your Building Projects from Blueprint to Handover
From the first line drawn to the final brick laid, HBA equips architect superintendents with smart, intuitive tools to navigate the complexities of home building with ease. Elevate your project management experience today.
Homebuilding App for Architect Superintendents
Home Building App (HBA) is created with the insights of seasoned architect superintendents, our platform is fine-tuned to support the mastery required in creating successful construction projects. HBA is not just a tool; it’s your strategic partner in project management, designed to adapt to the dynamic nature of construction with agility and precision.
Master Your Build with Key Features
Tailored Solutions for Every Stage of Your
Home Building Journey

Idea and Planning Stage

Begin your project with a strong foundation. Define the scope, draft meticulous budgets, and secure necessary permits—all within a unified interface designed for architect superintendents.

Task Management

Organize and prioritize project tasks with ease.

Budget Management

Forecast and manage your project finances accurately.

Building Permit Tracker

Navigate the permits process with guided support.

Compliance and Certification

With HBA, streamline the compliance and certification process. Access real-time updates on regulations, and manage all certifications from one centralized dashboard."

Compliance and Regulation

Stay updated with the latest building codes.

Certification Manager

Keep track of all required certifications and deadlines.

Project Management

Take command of your project with tools that put you in control. Track daily progress, streamline communication, and keep a visual log of every development.

Site Logbook

Document each day’s progress and pivotal decisions.


Maintain clear lines of communication across teams.

Progress Photo Manager

Create a visual timeline of your project's evolution.

Construction Phase

Monitor the heart of your project as it comes to life. Ensure every specification is met with tools designed for rigorous oversight and quality control.

Quality Assurance

Uphold high standards of construction quality.

Progress of Work

Keep your finger on the pulse of site activity.


Manage contractual obligations with full transparency.


Adapt to project changes with flexible management solutions.


Control finances with detailed invoicing and payment tracking.

Completion and Finalization

Bring your project across the finish line with HBA’s completion toolkit. Evaluate performance, capture feedback, and deliver comprehensive reports."


Gather valuable insights to refine future projects.


Generate detailed reports for a transparent project close-out.

Warranties and Certifications

Ensure all deliverables are accounted for.


Even after the final handover, HBA supports you with tools to provide thorough documentation and gather post-project reflections for continuous improvement.

Site Logbook

Capture post-completion notes and final project details.

Progress Photo Manager

Showcase the completed project with a photographic journey.

Why Choose HBA for Your Home Building Project
Architect Superintendents choose HBA for its unparalleled ability to turn architectural visions into structural realities. Our platform is more than a set of tools—it’s the cornerstone of efficient project management, enabling precision and foresight every step of the way.

Customizable Workflows

HBA adapts to your unique project management style, offering customizable workflows that align with the varied demands of construction supervision.


HBA is designed with the future in mind, equipping you with the tools to integrate into every project.

Real-Time Collaboration

Enhance teamwork with real-time collaboration features, ensuring everyone from draftsmen to subcontractors is working in unison towards a singular goal.

Scalable Solution

From small renovations to major developments, HBA scales with your project needs, providing robust support irrespective of project size or complexity.

Risk Mitigation

Proactively manage potential risks with advanced forecasting tools, safeguarding your project against unforeseen challenges.

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