Building Your Dream Home, Made Simple
From the first blueprint to the final brick, HBA empowers you to navigate your home construction journey with confidence. Start leveraging a suite of project management tools and watch as your vision for a perfect home takes shape.
Homebuilding App for Homeowners
Homebuilding App (HBA) understands the unique narrative of each homeowner—aligning your vision with our expertise. HBA empowers you with project management tools. From the early excitement of planning to the final touches of your dream home, manage your budgets, oversee timelines with clarity, and ensure high quality work, all within our project management tools for homeowners like you.
Master Your Build with Key Features
Tailored Solutions for Every Stage of Your
Home Building Journey

Idea and Planning Stage

This initial stage is where dreams take shape. Define your vision, set realistic goals, and start the planning process. HBA's tools help you lay a solid foundation by enabling detailed budgeting, property specifics, and contractor selection.

Budget Management

Establish your financial blueprint with precision.

Property Details

Lay the foundation for your dream home's details.


Select the right team to bring your vision to life.

Compliance and Documentation

Navigate the complexities of legal requirements and paperwork with ease. HBA streamlines the acquisition of building permits, manages your insurance needs, and ensures all development approvals are in place, setting you up for a smooth construction process.

Building Permit Tracker

Navigate the legal landscape with ease.


Protect your project every step of the way.

Development Approvals

Secure the green lights for your build with confidence.

Project Management

Effectively manage every aspect of your construction project. From daily tasks to budget adjustments, HBA keeps everything organized and on track. Monitor progress and manage resources efficiently to avoid unexpected surprises.

Task Management

Keep your project milestones in clear view.

Site Logbook

Chronicle the day-to-day evolution of your build.


Manage the unexpected with adaptable solutions.

Provisional Sum

Allocate funds with flexibility for unforeseen costs.

Construction Phase

Watch as your plans come to life during this critical phase. HBA equips you with the tools to monitor construction progress, ensure quality control, and keep financials on track, all while adapting to any project changes seamlessly

Progress Photo Manager

Visualize your project's progression in vivid detail.

Building Defects

Maintain excellence with stringent quality checks.

Progress of Work

Track your construction’s heartbeat.


Oversee agreements with transparency.


Handle project finances with meticulous care.


Adjust project scope fluidly while keeping your vision intact.

Completion and Finalization

Approach the finish line with confidence. HBA helps you manage the completion of your project by ensuring all tasks are completed to standard, obtaining the necessary certifications, and preparing for the final handover.


Cross the finish line with all documentation polished and prepared.


Your project may be built, but our support continues. Manage warranties and ensure ongoing compliance and insurance coverage with HBA. Reflect on your project's success and plan future maintenance effortlessly.

Warranties and Certifications

Secure peace of mind with comprehensive coverage.


Continue safeguarding your investment as you settle into your new home.

Why Choose HBA for Your Home Building Project
At HBA, we’re not just creating software; we’re crafting a companion for your homebuilding journey. We’ve listened to homeowners’ needs and challenges, which led us to develop a platform that’s more than a set of tools. Whether it’s managing your budget, aligning construction milestones, or ensuring the finest workmanship, our tools are precision-engineered to enhance and ease every phase of your building experience. With HBA, you gain the power to craft not just any space, but a place that echoes the essence of home.

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Building your dream home should be a thrilling and fulfilling experience. Join a thriving community of homeowners who have transformed their vision into reality using our comprehensive suite of tools. From meticulous planning and budgeting to overseeing construction and adding the final touches, HBA is here to ensure every step of your homebuilding journey is as seamless and successful as possible. Don't just dream about your ideal home—start making it a reality today with HBA.