Manage Unexpected Price Increases in Your Home Building Project

Take control of your construction budget, track costs effectively, and reduce the risk of price increases.
Building your dream home is exciting, but unexpected price increases can be stressful. HBApp helps you take control of your construction budget, manage unexpected price increases, and keep your project on track.

Why Choose HBApp for Price Risk Management?

Budget Management

Monitor your budget in real-time and allocate amounts to different categories such as foundation, framing, electrical, and more. Stay ahead of unexpected price increases.

Cost Tracking

Track and record all payments to avoid any financial discrepancies and manage your home building budget effectively.

Price Increase Alerts

Log and approve variations easily to keep track of any changes in the project scope and their financial impact, helping you manage price increase risks.

User-Friendly Interface

Allocate estimated amounts for items not fully defined at the project’s start and update them with actual costs as they become known, ensuring efficient budget management.


Reduce Financial Stress

Track every dollar spent and manage unexpected price increases with ease.

Save Time

Keep all your project details, invoices, and budget adjustments in one place, ensuring efficient budget management.

Peace of Mind

With real-time data and comprehensive tracking, make informed decisions to keep your construction budget on track and reduce the risk of price increases.

HBApp Dashboard: Real-Time Project Status to Manage Your Home Building Budget

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What is HBApp?

HBApp is a comprehensive project management tool designed to help homeowners manage their home construction projects efficiently.

How does HBApp help manage price increase risks?

HBApp allows you to log and approve variations, track provisional sums, and monitor your construction budget in real-time, helping you manage unexpected price increases efficiently.

Can I track variations and provisional sums with HBApp?

Yes, HBApp lets you log and approve variations and track provisional sums, ensuring you stay informed about any changes in costs.

Ready to Take Control of Your Home Building Budget?